This is a personal study aid of mine masquerading as a public service, which is a Meteor quiz. I’m using Meteor in an upcoming project and needed some way to quiz myself on the points I might have difficulty remembering.

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[q]Files in which directory are loaded first?

[q]Where do static assets go?
[a]/public directory

[q]Are files starting with main.* loaded first?
[a]No, they’re loaded after everything else.

[q]Using Spacebars, what helper returns the URL path component of a route?
[a]{{pathFor}} returns the URL path component of a route.

[q]How would you obtain the URL path component of a the latestReviews collection?
[a]”{{pathFor ‘latestReviews’}}”

[q]What purpose does the Iron Router waitOn() function serve?
[a]Provides a notification that data has finished loading, which is important because it means the template won’t be rendered before all the data has been loaded.
[q]What does {{> postItem}} do when found in an HTML file and where will postItem be found?
[a]Renders the template postItem. t will be found in an HTML file with a <template> tag like this: <template name=”postItem”>

[q]What is a data context?
[a]A data context sets Javascript’s this inside a template helper.

[q]What is the more common equivalent of the following and what does it do?
{{#with myWidget}}
{{> widgetPage}}
[a]{{> widgetPage myWidget}} A template call (widgetPage) with an argument.

[q]What is a computation?
[a]Code that runs any time there is a change to the reactive data source it depends on.


This wast built using the invaluable Qwiz plugin, detailed here.