Here’s a step by step recipe with all the code you need to see how to create a tabbed interface in Twitter Bootstrap in a single HTML file.

The result will look something like this:

Bootstrap.js tab tutorial

Try it out and grab the source for yourself here

Markup for the tabs

Bootstrap Tabs use an unordered list in conjunction with tab-content divs that contain a nested tab-pane for each div‘s content.

In this example the tab’s text is Sell. It could be any text but the most important attribute is the #sell attribute. It must match a div ID in the upcoming tab-pane div:

One of the tabs should appear as selected. Use the active attribute:

Here’s the full declaration for the tabs.

Next are the tab panes. The ID of each pane must match the href attribute but without the pound sign:

Here’s all the code in context. Save this as an HTML file and it will create the same kind of interface shown in the screen shot

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